Ministries | Triumphant Community Church



As our name suggests, Triumphant Community Church is outwardly focused, that is, we eagerly engineer programs that benefit the community we serve, locally and internationally. Some of the many programs Triumphant Community Church has instituted are:

  • Youth Empowerment Saturdays – in the summer our volunteers conducted fun activities for  young people on-site at a neighborhood housing development to encourage learning in their  own familiar surroundings.
    • Vacation Bible School – an annual summer activity encouraging children to develop Christian values that will empower their lives and engender life-long attitudes of service to others. 
    • Youth Game Nights – giving all attendees an opportunity to engage in stimulating fun in a safe, supervised environment.
    • Mothers-Helping-Mothers – a compassionate program geared towards encouraging and uplifting mothers who have had children in the prison system.
    • Liberian Outreach presents an opportunity annually for church members to support a ministry in Liberia.  This ministry is focused on developing children from vulnerable communities, to break the circle of poverty through education while upholding Christian values.


Christian Education




TCC’s Christian Education programs are formatted to show the relevance of God’s Word
to our lives today. In any of our age-appropriate sessions, the aim is to clearly bring
home the applicability of God’s Word to all our situations, never straying from the saving
purpose and power of Jesus Christ through God’s Word.

These classes incorporate instruction and learning in a relaxed, yet inspiring
environment where men, women and children in age-appropriate classes are invited to
explore and discuss God’s word. Classes are led by dynamic, spirit-filled teachers with

the goal to see individuals grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

If you have never attended a Sunday Bible Class, are a new convert or have been a

student of the Bible for many years – there is something for you.


The Women’s Ministry of the Triumphant Community Church seeks to cater to the whole woman. Opportunities are presented to each woman in our church to grow spiritually, emotionally, and socially. Women’s Sunday services occur monthly and Women’s prayer meetings the first Monday of each month. Social activities outside of church are also planned to enable bonding and encourage camaraderie. The department’s goal is to facilitate every woman to reach her full potential in Christ and in life. 


The men of Triumphant Community Church are not only believers in being “fishers of men” but also take literal fishing seriously. They engineer an annual fishing trip to Cape Cod, and what started as a small group has now grown to include brothers from several local churches and friends from the community. This fun activity is fundamental to the success of our Annual Fish Festival held in Colonial Park, where all are invited to a day of food, fun and friendly competition. The department’s goal is to encourage spiritual leadership and inspire secular success among our brothers.


The Youth Department serves up a mix of fundamental biblical teaching, with good wholesome fun for children of all ages. Each month TCC dedicates special nights to youth services where the young are given opportunities to showcase their gifts and learn about God in a service that is all about them. Additionally, TCC has several youth social events throughout the year, creating life-long friendships and fond memories. TCC encourages all youth to build their own relationship with Christ, and discover their identity through Him, that they may fulfill His purpose and call for their lives.


Prison Ministry

The Mothers Helping Mothers Prison Ministry supports mothers whose sons and daughters have been or are currently in the prison system. The church opens its doors to mothers who need support or are willing to provide support to others. The support group provides spiritual, emotional and moral support in a safe, warm, supportive environment. It refers mothers to community resources, helps mothers to navigate the challenges of the prison system and provides coping skills for mothers during the loss of their children to the system. The support group meets at the church every 2nd Friday of the month at 7:45 P.M. and welcomes all mothers who have experienced this malady of our society.