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Our History

Our History

Triumphant Community Church of Jesus Christ, Inc., (TCCJC) located in Somerset, New Jersey, is an affiliate of the world-wide United Church of Jesus Christ, Apostolic, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, where Bishop, Dr. Monroe R. Saunders, Jr. is the presiding prelate. TCCJC is also one of the churches in the 2nd Episcopal Diocese under the leadership of Bishop Robert Johnson.


TCCJC was officially started on Sunday, May 16, 1993 when Pastor Ivan Watson held the first worship service in a local church in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Attendees were Pastor Watson, his wife Patricia, and their two young children, Jennifer and Mark. Their size didn’t seem to matter though, as the service was conducted as if the church were full of saints. The Lord and an innumerable company of angels were definitely present that day.


Various initiatives were launched to “win souls” and these included door-to-door ministry, tract ministry, home prayer and Bible studies, tent meetings, and transporting Sunday school children. Those efforts added new members, with each bringing God given gifts and skills to enable us to make new strides for the Lord.


We stand today with great expectations of seeing God’s will being done in and through us, and the hope of reaching the lost with the saving grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We solicit your prayers and support.